NorthGlass creates glass curtain wall for National Cybersecurity Base

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The curved glass curtain wall of the exhibition center forms an open and transparent structure, and the “net” can be seen from outside.

“Without cybersecurity, there will be no national security or stable society, and the interests of the people will not be guaranteed”.

Since the inception of “National Cybersecurity Talent and Innovation Base” (referred to as the Cybersecurity Base) in Wuhan Linkong Economic and Technology Development Zone, it has been receiving attention from all walks of life, and CCTV News Channel has reported it as a “national business card” to the world.

The Cybersecurity Base sharing area is the service core of the first phase of the entire Cybersecurity Base. It covers an area of 270,000㎡ and the construction area is about 100,000 ㎡. There are “exhibition center” , “release center” and “commercial service center” in planned construction center. The “exhibition center” is located at Xinjing Road, Linkonggang Avenue,  Dongxi Lake. It has a 500-million RMB investment and a construction area of 24,000㎡.  There are two floors on the ground and one under the ground, having three functional services of conference service, display and reception. The building adopts the design concept of “do as one pleases with boundary” with the novel technology, ingenious and environmentally friendly design to explain the freedom and security of the network.

The “exhibition center” is like a stretched net. More than 10,000 steel members are connected into a curved and soft “net pocket” . The “net pocket” has a total of 2,785 sheets double curved tempered fritted glass. All of the glass are different, and each piece is a rhombic-shaped irregular quadrilateral. With the curved surface of the roof, the curved direction changes constantly. The excellent processing ensures that the hyperbolic shape is smooth and excessive. The curved glass curtain wall of the exhibition center forms an open and transparent structure, and the “net” can be seen from outside. The construction process are so difficult that we nearly could’t see a second case in China for the designs such as natural lighting, roof photovoltaic power generation, rain water recovery, etc.

Shanghai Glass BU undertook the glass supply project. According to the progress of the project, the customer confirmed the order on September 18, 2018. Shanghai Glass BU, one subsidiary of NorthGlass Group, spared no effort to arrange production and split the specific order to be align with the customer installation scheme, optimizing production management, and completing with high quality in just 60 days. Shanghai Glass BU delivered such a satisfactory answer in such a short period,  leaving a deep impression on the owners and the glass curtainwall company.  The owner said:  “NorthGlass is good at overcome technical difficulties and has a well-organized production schedule, which makes the project successfully completed. I believe that our cooperation will continue and more win-win results will be delivered.”

This “national business card” created by the excellent processing of NorthGlass has been completed. As the first batch of key projects started by the National Cybersecurity Base, the “exhibition center” will become the world’s top display and exchange platform for technology achievement in the field of cybersecurity. It’s the important window of the cybersecurity base and the great landmark building in the city of the cybersecurity industry.

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