Guardian Glass brings Light and Comfort to Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital in Istanbul

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Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, located in Üsküdar, Istanbul, was designed by Lina Mimarlık having regard to human-environment harmony and Uskudar’s historical fabric. In the project, the visual feast effect intended in the façade design was achieved with Guardian SunGuard® HP Neutral 50/32 coated glass, part of the SunGuard High Performance product series, by Guardian Glass.

Light and Comfort

In the façade design of the structure, which is a candidate for a LEED Gold certification, SunGuard® HP Neutral 50/32 coated glass is the preferred choice among Guardian Glass products offering a wide variety of selective combination coatings in terms of color and reflection degree.

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Providing light-filled spaces for user comfort by ensuring optimum utilization of daylight, the product allows visible light transparency in all applications, while it also balances daylight entering the space. Due to the durability of the coating structure, the SunGuard® HP Neutral 50/32 is an ideal architectural façade glass, thanks to its high color rendering and appropriate reflectivity, as in most of the frequently used SunGuard High Performance products.


CITY: Istanbul

ARCHITECT: Lina Architects

FAÇADE CONSULTANT: Axis Façade Consultancy


CLADDER: Dekoral Aluminium

PRODUCT: SunGuard® HP Neutral 50/32

Source: guardian-possibilities.com

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